Our Story

My name is Phree Hester I was born and raised in Los Angeles.

My love for art goes way back to the 90s growing up in LA I was instantly attracted to art by the murals and graffiti on the streets. Art has been my therapy for the past 25 years. In 2012 I entered the art and entertainment industry and I felt that art should be seen by the world. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be which nothing in life is, but I figured if I couldn’t get gallery’s and museums to show my work why not bring my art to them by creating a flash mob fashion experience. Which led to me starting The PHREE Art experience. I created a walking mobile museum for Everyone to see and experience.

Wearable art was my entry point  into the art world and also the fashion industry which lead me to have shows in New York and Paris.

My Art expression caters to the NOW generation like hip hop did in the 70s. We are the culture and the movement in the same step.

Art is not just to be viewed by rich people it should be PHREE for the world to see.

Now fast forward to 2021 my work has been seen by millions across the globe and has now led a movement to fight for REAL CHANGE. In one year we had everything taken from us due to COVID-19 and in that same year The Hoopbus and I became THE PHREEDOM RIDERS of 2020. Art is more then just paint on a canvas it is a movement and my vehicle to do just that and guess what it worked my wildest dreams have became my reality in front of my eyes. If we are not protecting the Arts we are not protecting our legacy and the future of our world. PHREE the world by all means necessary by Empowering Creativities worldwide. This is BY THE CREATIVES FOR THE CREATIVES WITH THE PEOPLE.

No Matter what you do in life know that you can achieve anything you put your mind too. Live PHREE, Be PHREE.